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In the present era,
 Williamson diamond mine is known to be one of the biggest open pit mines. It is at present about 90 meters which would be somewhere around 300 ft below the ground. Dr. Williamson, discovered the site and was known to be the first owner and called the site "Mwadui" named after a local chief; "Williamson" and "Mwadui". Currently both the names are now interchangeably used to refer to the largest diamond mine in the world. 

There are mainly four distinct activities that are composed in the Diamond mining operations at the Williamson diamond mine. The operations are concerned with the pit, the re-treatment of tailings to pull through all the missed diamonds. Apart from them also gravel mining both on the land that is adjoining to the property where gravel has been alluvial deposited. The open pit mining and tailings re-treatment are some of the largest of the four operations that are carried out in that mine and has almost employed more than thousand staff workers to execute the operations. 

At the moment, another diamond mine that competes amongst the lot is the company hat operates in South Africa during. It is called De Beers Company which was founded by Cecil Rhodes. It was initiated on a farm that was owned by two Boer War settlers called brothers D. A. and J. N. De Beer. The De Beer brothers then decided to sell it out to a group of mining syndicates in the year 1873 who later amalgamated with Cecil Rhodes' which then impelled the company to be know as 'De Beers Consolidated Mines.'

At the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas is one and only one mine that is open to the public. This diamond mine which is given the name of the Crater of Diamonds presents to people an exceptional and beyond compare adventure and one of the greatest opportunities that you will ever receive in your life time. It s to fetch for real diamonds and also at the same time you could keep them if you find any. They offer audio and visual program that further explains to people the area's geology and some pointers as to how to distinguish diamonds in the rough. The Crater of Diamonds State is recorded to have more than 60,000 people that visit them each year. 

For that matter even Angola has wide-ranging diamond reserves mines. Some of them include the Catoca, Fucauma and Luarica diamond mines. Whereas in the Botswana there is The Damtshaa, Jwaneng, Letlhakane and Orapa diamond mines. There has been an approximation at 180 million carats. This is essentially stored in the provinces of Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul. They are located in the central and northeastern parts of the country. 

Natural diamond sources have been discovered in approximately 35 different countries around the World across several continents leading to the establishment of diamond mines. The diamond mines in Russia, Botswana and South Africa are the world’s major gem quality diamond producers and the diamond mines in Australia is the major industrial diamond producers.

The diamond mines in Africa are mostly situated in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Tanzania and Sierra Leone. In the central part of South Africa you will find the Baken, Cullinan, Finsch, Kimberley, Koffiefontein, the Oaks and the Venetia diamond mines. Bea Mountains, Grand Cape, Kpo Range Project, Nimba Diamond Concession are situated in Liberia. India is the only country out of the lot that washed off its source of diamonds mines centuries ago. One and only one active diamond mine lingering in India is situated at Panna in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. In September during the year 1991 diamonds were exposed only in Canada at the Lac De Gras region. This was some place close to the Northwest Territories of Canada. Further on there are several Canadian diamond mines that are set up in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec. Research also indicated that Arkansas, Wyoming and Colorado are a few of the only states to have a provable and certifiable foundation of diamonds. 

The Kaapvaal Craton located in central South Africa is one of the blessed places as it houses some of the most richest diamond-bearing kimberlite dykes on earth and is thereby making South African one of the major diamond industry.

Venetia Diamond Mine is just another feather to the hat of the most distinguished diamond mine in this province of South Africa. It is an open-pit diamond mine that created more than forty percent of the world's most superlative diamonds. Started in the year 1992, and is the De Beers Company's flagship operation in the present era. The Diamonds are extracted without interrupting the kimberlite within the pit. It is also hauled 
out from the overshot-zone using drilling or at times even blasting.

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